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    Sunday Ultimate
    3-18-18 5:00 pm - The Chelsea
    Ultimate Frisbee Meetup of Fairfield County

    Forecast shows 50 and sunny - should be an epic day for Ultimate I will be traveling so hopefully someone else can bring cones Bring a light, dark and water. Try to show up before noon to warm up!

    Moon Circle Sisterhood
    3-18-18 5:00 pm - The Chelsea
    Dynamic Woman

    The Moon Circle Sisterhood Gather together to celebrate Sisterhood and honor the power of the Moon. Sharing meditation, ritual, reflection and sisterhood in a safe and supportive space, this membership based women's group is created to cultivate...

    Dinner @ Award Winning "The Chelsea", 12 Unquowa Place, Fairfield CT
    3-18-18 5:00 pm - The Chelsea
    Fairfield Foodie Friends

    Lets grab dinner at Fairfield's Readers Choice Award winner The Chelsea. A broad menu has salad, pasta dishes, their signature burger and other entrée items. They also have a full bar. We will be located in the Green House Area with 2 tables of...

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